With numerous earthquake faults running through California, the Oxnard Fire Department has been constantly training and preparing for all types of technical rescues.

Technical rescues are not always the big earthquake and can include but are not limited to technical rope rescue. For example, a window washer stuck on the 20th floor of the high rise or a worker trapped in a confined space, which are numerous within the industrial areas of the city. Also, a worker trapped in a dirt trench at a construction site. It must be noted that as a whole, technical rescues within the city are a low frequency incident but they bring a very high-risk level to our members.

Currently, the Oxnard Fire Department is trained to "Awareness Level" of USAR operations. All first line engines have a complement of the Basic OES USAR tool cache. Station 3 is the USAR focus station and currently houses USAR-3, a trailer with a complement of an OES tool cache at the Medium Level. Engine 3, Truck 1, and Engine 1 form a 10-person USAR team that responds to all Technical Rescues within the city.

Oxnard Fire is ready for all of the demands that lie ahead. Training and retraining is the only way we will be ready to answer the call of the "Technical Rescue."

USAR Training USAR Training USAR Training

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